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APGA Will Take Over The South-East — Chief Ben Obi
The national coordinator of ‘Operation APGA Take Over South East’, Chief Ben Obi (Igwe APGA) has called on all south east politicians and political observers to key into the new political movement in the south east.
Chief Obi while addressing a group of Social Media Influencer recently, expressed gratitude to Governor Willie Obiano for bestowing on him the honor of leading the charge to lead APGA to the next level to take over the south east region. He mentioned that the Governor’s vision was one that its time has come and must be seen to fruition.
According to Chief Obi, under the leadership of the state governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano, APGA is poised to envelope the entire south east region in the manner it swept the entire twenty one (21) local governments in Anambra State during the recent gubernatorial election.
“APGA is the sure way for the south east to battle marginalization” explains Chief Obi as he elaborated that APGA remains the only vehicle to liberate the south east from the claws of marginalization and undue neglect in the federal scheme.
“If the south east in unison is draped in APGA, the center can never ignore us”. He continued that “nobody can contest to be president of this federation without negotiating with the APGA in South East”.
Igwe APGA reiterated Governor Obiano’s call to all likely participants in the upcoming APGA primary – that no automatic tickets will be given. All grounds would be level for every participant. Even new members will be given the same treatment as old members. There will be no special treatment for anyone.
“We are accepting new members who may participate in the process. APGA is open for everyone. The developmental strides and near renaissance ongoing in Anambra State presently under the administration of Willie Obiano could be replicated across the south east” he said.
Governor Obiano according to Chief Ben Obi has displayed what can result from an APGA oriented leadership. “We will replicate what is happening in Anambra State across the south east”.
Nke a bu nke anyi