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Today, we at Afa Igbo Efuna join all stakeholders as well as the teeming Anambra populace and associates to celebrate the dawn of yet another blissful era. It is with a great and joyous heart that we write to congratulate you, our dear Leader and Governor of our beloved state on your swearing in for a second term in office. We are particularly thankful to God Almighty for sparing our lives to witness this long awaited occasion, as it is indeed a true fulfillment of God’s design for our dear state.
Your remarkable 21/21 victory at the gubernatorial polls conducted in our state last November remains an empirical affirmation of the implicit goodwill, trust and confidence the good people of Anambra State have in you as their transformational and God sent leader. Most gratifying was the way the people defended their votes on election day as Ndi Anambra rose in unity and stood firmly by their beliefs, conviction and indefatigable stance to ensure the preservation of our true political identity, APGA.
As a part of this epoch victory, Afa Igbo Efuna enthusiastically identified and supported your reelection campaign by virtue of your patriotic ideals, selfless commitment to legacy building and the wealth of experience you brought into governance in your first four years as Governor.
The choice made by Ndi Anambra is a testament to their courage and determination to safeguard our growth, dignity and longstanding ethos as the “light of the nation”, as well as keep our state firmly on the road to sustainable development. Worth mentioning also is the fact that under your transformational leadership, Anambra has witnessed a paradigm shift in responsive governance as you have continually showcased to the world your commitment to improving livelihoods, investing in education and ensuring access to life saving services, while boosting environmental sustainability, economic stability and efficient security for the citizens.
You have always impressed us with your clear vision and ability to get the job done even in the face of devastating odds. Undoubtedly, with you in the saddle, Anambra is on the right side of history.
Akpokuedike, as we march gallantly into your second term in office, be rest assured of our continued and unflinching support geared towards fostering a greater Anambra State.
While we trust that you will continue to work assiduously for the improved welfare of the masses, it is our earnest prayer that God Almighty bestows on you the wisdom and strength to take our state to the highest of heights as we look forward to an eventful and successful four years.
God bless you!
Afa Igbo ama efu!
Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah
Founder, Afa Igbo Efuna.