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*Mgbe aga na, mgbe nwanyi na abughi ihe
Mgbe agana,mgbe nwanyi na abughi ihe
Mgbe agana ,mgbe nwanyi na abughi ihe
Oge eruola nwanyi bu ifeeeeeee.....*
That is the Picture of our Lolo and the meeting with the women of Ekwulobia Women Leaders (President and Secretary) held yesterday.. Lolo did as usual state her sincere intention and vision for Aguata II, and of course it was applauded happily and tremendously by the Noble Women and Mothers that were presence. They indeed gave her their supports..
Listen up Brethren... When Jesus first appeared to Mary Magdalene before appearing to his Disciples, that's to tell us the importance of Women in the Society and the world at large
Should we want it right this time,
Should we need to see something difference from what we've been seeing before,
Should we really Want to see the Benefit of supporting a Mother and A Woman to represent us,
Should we want a representative we can always see and interact with,
Ka Nwanyi jee nkene
Let support #Lolo_OgechiEnyinwa to go represent us at Anambra State House of Assembly Aguata II Constituency...
I Stand with Lolo
The Men stands with Lolo
Youths stands with Lolo
Women stands with Lolo
Mother Stands Lolo
Stand with the Winning Lolo
Lolo bu nkea anyi