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It has accepted a national acclamation that Anambra state staged the highest political drama in this democratic dispensation. From the inception of the Chinwoke Mbadinuju lead administration, who formed the gruesome bakassi security outfit to the present chequered tenure of Peter Obi, Anambra state has never seized to be in the news for negative reasons. It continues to play host to scripts written by different interest groups headed by their various political godfathers. The like of Emeka Offor, Chris Uba and recently Andy Ubah has continued to appear as the top dictators of political directions in the state. Overshadowing, the presence of great politicians in the calibre of people like Chief Odimegwu Ojukwu and Alex Ekwueme who have sold the future of their state in the market of party politics. In the main, the scenario of emphatic godfatherism in the state has distracted all the administrations in the state, forcing the governors in each case to spend most of their time fighting for their safety. This follows from the fact that the godfathers in each case had to fall out with their godsons for not obeying their orders which most of the time include their having power to select all the commissioners and huge monthly monetary settlements. They go about it with such astonishing level of desperacy that one had to culminate to the historic abduction of a serving governor of the state in 2003, with the full support of the Nigeria Police. This was to continue save for the emergence of Peter Obi who claims to have sponsored himself to the office by soliciting the electoral power of the electorates in the election. His entry gave the state a moment of respite with quick mental revaluations and infrastructural development. He clamped down on the criminals who hid under the umbrella name of NATO and MASOB to exploit and unleash untold mayhem on the residents of Onitsha. His administration has just started to gather velocity and focus before Obasanjo happened on the state. After Obasanjo's visit to the house of assembly and the events that followed, his mission in the state was defined. Having got the blessings of Baba, the house went ahead to initiate impeachment process against the governor to pave way for Andy Uba's ambition to be governor come 2007. This criminal and unconstitutional act which was executed with full support of the Police but overturned by the court, made it the second time in three years a governor was illegally removed from his office in the state. Astonishingly, analysis of the scenarios that hosted the removal of the two governors, insistently points to one unseen hand that has provided the relevant empowering federal backing needed for the execution of the acts. Hands have continued to point to Andy Uba since is unthinkable to arrogate the possession of the power and police support used in the abduction of Chris Ngige to Andy's brother Chris Uba. Complementing this claim is the neglect of such a treasonable act by the presidency and the people's Democratic Party. Andy Ubah before his current notoriety served in the presidency as a member of Obasanjo's kitchen cabinet advising him on domestic issues. However some people chose to know Andy as one ex-convict in America while others describe him as the man that was nabbed by the British police for money laundering via the presidential jet. Others know him as the emperor the son Obasanjo; the garrison commander. He is also referred to as the man who provided the federal might that backed the Ngige saga, and whose reckless ambition to become governor informed the reason behind the shameful act of the dishonourable Balonwu led faction of the house of assembly. One may be tempted to ask, what is Andy looking for in the state he has helped to destroy? What single good is mentioned after his name for him to start having the view that what the state needs now is a person like him? After his years of infrastructural anonymity to the state as a federal officer, what will he use as his tract record? Does he ask himself or his disciples who people say he is or is he just banking on the normal rigging that has become the trade mark of PDP? Which ever way I know that it is a state that wants to remain under the bondage and dictatorship of Obasanjo led PDP will fold it's hands and watch a thief break into their house in a broad day light. Lagos state has shunned him and Abia state has expelled his PDP. His mission is copiously that of a settlement package from Obasanjo, but I refuse to accept that Anambra should be treated like a lock up shop in Ochanja market. It is time for the people of the state to come out and defend their state from imminent collapse. No one can do it for you and you must do it for yourself. For every bond man.. Bears in his hands the power to cancel his captivity. Say final NO to political manoeuvre and you laugh when you will reap the fruit of you bravery.