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Hunting of okada riders in Anambra State

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Anambra State is a great state by all standard yet work in progress but the activities of officers and men of Nigeria police force keeps ruining our genuine efforts at repositioning. Could you believe that at Anambra , police are gradually loosing their senses,running away from their original call which is crime fighting and opening another revenue window for themselves which is " hunting of okada" .The incessant and dehumanising manner "Okada riders" are dispossessed of their bikes whether it's 6pm or 12 noon,they make their arrests and seizures all round the clock therefore making life a bit uncomfortable for the low income earners who are dependent on the okada industry. Last night I witnessed how policemen landed at aroma from "heaven knows where" and descended on these unsuspecting young men and carted their bikes away.
Is this the reason policemen where posted to Anambra ie for bike collection. Their basic work/duty which is provision of security for lives and properties is eluding them completely yet at every opportunity we are told that police is understaffed. Why wouldn't they be understaffed when most of them are focused on the money spinner ie Okada industry.
I need to register my grouse with d court of public opinion and hopefully the police heirachy Wili call their men to order . I am sure that's the way to go.