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Orderliness Returns in Anambra

The Gov Willie Obiano led Anambra state government policy against illegal structures and shanties has been received with cheering and applauds from the general public. Initially, when this policy was announced, some ndi Anambra saw it as the usual government brouhaha that will not fly. Some residents of the state had concluded that the streets of Ajasa, Ochanja, Sokoto Road, Bida and other of such points will remain impassable as orderliness had fled from these settings and activities of traders had overtaken the streets/roads that there seems to be no hope for redemption. Through the strong political WILL and the zeal of government to introduce the culture of sanity in the state and improve the aesthetic appeal to visitors, the Obiano's Administration has hugely delivered on its promise. The illegal structures and shanties removal Taskforce headed by the Honourable Commissioner for Road, Rail and Water Transportation, Hon Uchenna Okafor, through a well coordinated operation had sanitized major cities of the state of illegal structures and shanties erected on the water and road channels. Recently, the Team led by the Special Adviser on Security to Gov Willie Obiano, Mr Chikodi Anara, visited the popular Upper Iweka Onitsha (Lagos Park and Relief Market axis), and cleared her of shanties which had forced motorists to ram on passersby daily. Thereby, reducing incessant accident occurrence on these areas of the state. All over Anambra, the feeling of newness and freedom beam with smiles of hope that the greater Anambra has berthed. The culture of cleanliness is gradually returning as the efforts of the state government in sensitising the public is yielding huge results. Today, the former impassable streets of Onitsha, Nnewi and Awka are now freer to ply than the expressways. Thanks to the Gov Willie Obiano's people oriented policies and the strong political WILL in delivering them.