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The Eagle In Motion: Gbogun On the Rise!

The Eagle In Motion: Gbogun On the Rise! Excellence is like a pleasant aroma; a fragrance that cannot be held. It is like an air that adorns a friend and a villain. The sweetness cannot be denied. That is the story of Honourable Anthony Ugochukwu Chukwura-Abunyie. He is excellence personified. A multi-talented young man with a touch of gold. Gbogun is what he is called. Get it right, Gbogun, a Yoruba word, is not a name given to mean persons. It has several powerful meanings with the two most popular being the ability to carry people's burden and being versatile in whatsoever you lay your hands. Hence, the name given to Hon. Chukwura-Abunyie. He is not just a Gbogun by name, he is Gbogun by practice. A look at his life will more than confirm this. Born July 8, 1978 into a well known Christian family of Late Chief Collins Chukwura Abunyie and Lolo Loretta Ifeyinwa Abunyie of Isiorji Ifite Village, Awkuzu in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, he began his academic sojourn in reputable Lagos institutions for his primary and post primary schools before he proceeded to Abia State University for his first degree in Urban and Regional Planning. And like a scent, his uncanny hunger for excellence and dexterity to cause positive change led him to join UP DIKE LTD after his graduation, working to develop the best practices in Water Bottling, distributions and contemporary marketing principles in Owerri Municipal, Imo state between 1997-2002. His loyalty with Up Dike LTD paid off as he was soon recruited as a marketing consultant to THIS AND THAT COMMUNICATION in Asaba, Delta State between 2002-2003 and later as an International Marketing Consultant in LA NATIVA between 2003-2007. His work with La Nativa led him to international engagements where his wealth of experience was sought after in many countries of the World including the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, Senegal, South Africa, Ghana, Seychelles and many others where he played major roles in shaping their marketing practice through cutting edge strategies which were later adopted as standards by professionals in those countries. He later rose to become the Marketing Representative of an ergonomics fabrication company. Like his moniker, Gbogun, properly disposes, Honourable Ugochukwu Chukwura-Abunyie has successfully ventured into logistics, entertainment and ambitious modern technological investments. Gbogun, driven by the need to create a better life for dwellers in Urban and city centres where in the Nigerian economic space is geometrically being exploded in human population, muted the idea to delve into real estate development so as to provide a better living and standardized condition for our people. Hence, the heralded birth of ABUUDO LOGISTICS and later diversified into entertainment consultancy, XSG ENTERTAINMENT where he is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer. He is a winner, role model, a mentor, and a lover at the homefront where he is married with three beautiful children. Ugo, as he is called among his peers is a snooker and golf lover; relaxing most times by the water side where he broods with new ideas and catches up with friends. As a person, Honourable Ugochukwu believes in people and could go to any extent to positively affect the lives of those around him positively. He is a Welfarist, who believes that utmost reason for government is to provide the vicissitudes of life to the ordinary citizens. He prioritizes the good and interests of people first and considering his strong Catholic faith background promotes the teaching of Jesus Christ about caring for the needy. Gbogun is a man of few words and strong will, distancing himself from and fighting against whatsoever will not promote the common good of the majority of people. Fighting injustice and promoting equal opportunity to all. Today, Honourable Ugochukwu Anthony Chukwura-Abunyie is voyaging into partisan politics, carrying with him strength of character and discipline, focus, committement to service, accountability, unifiying spirit, and the resilience to identify the needs of people and push for it's accomplishments. He is a card carrying, committed member and Stakeholder of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, the party described in several places as the true test of progressive ideology in Nigeria; the fastest growing party and synonymous with good governance. And most importantly, Hon Chukwura-Abunyie is being beckoned by his people in Oyi/Ayamelum Constituency to replicate his excellence in private practice as a representative of the Constituency in the House of Representatives. They are optimistic that his presence in the Nation's Green Chambers will bring the glory days of Oyi na Ayamelum back and place them in the realm of the "Whos" in the country. Honourable Ugochukwu Anthony Chukwura-Abunyie, Gbogun is the Star rising, the Eagles whose destination is at the peak. He is the man Ndi Oyi na Ayamelum has been waiting for. Gbogun, the Eagle in Motion,Rise! for your Star is here! #I Stand With Ugo Belu Na Orji #Support AbunyieMakaOdiMmaNdiOyi/Ayamelum