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Okorocha boasted that he would produce the APGA flagbearer in Imo State

Mr Peter Onu, when Okorocha boasted that he would produce the APGA flagbearer in Imo State he was not bluffing. Rochas Okorocha is a very crafty man and at the moment, he is extremely desperate. Okorocha is not fighting for the survival of APC in Imo State, he knows he has lost that battle. Okorocha is fighting for his life after Douglas House and he is ready to spend any amount of money to realize this objective or risk losing everything he had stolen from the people if power leaves his grip to somebody he does not have control over. Rochas Okorocha knows that anybody he raises his hand as his anointed would fail. He know the people are just out to collect money from him and fail him. Uche Nwosu is merely a kite he is using to mask his real agenda. Currently, Rochas Okorocha is secretly sponsoring politicians in almost all political parties in the state who has has entered serious diabolic convenants with. As a smart and crafty politician, he started making this plan immediately he won the 2015 election and realized he could never honor the agreement he had with Senator Ifeanyi Ararume who is the only other person aside from Ikedi Ohakim that Okorocha is really terrified of. From APC to PDP to APGA to Labour Party Okorocha has embedded people. Some of the names we will mention you will find shocking and hard to believe but this information was gathered after very intense and risky infiltration operation into Okorocha and his government. 1. Uche Onyeagocha APGA: I knew you won't believe it. I didn't believe it at first. Ask yourself, where did this man who could not even buy more than three branded vehicles during his last Senatorial campaign get money to buy expensive SUVs for APGA executives in the state to bribe them to give him their ticket? Where did Uche Onyeagocha get all the money he has been throwing around everywhere? You will find it hard to believe because Uche Onyeagocha has been Okorocha's loudest critic in APGA but how else can he increase his chances if he doesn't attack Okorocha? It was the plan all alone to make it look like he hated Okorocha and get the sympathy of the people. It was a plan hatched in 2015 which was why Okorocha did not support the Owerri zone Senatorial candidate of his party and let the news of betrayal between them to circulate giving Uche reasons to attack him and win public sentiments. 2. Frank Nneji APGA: The CEO of ABC Transport is currently facing serious financial problems as he mismanaged his transport firm and like Okorocha in 2011, is facing bankruptcy making him a perfect mark for Okorocha to sink his claws into and sponsor him to contest for the governorship seat. If he gets the APGA ticket with the money given to him, he would receive full but secret backing from Okorocha to win the General Elections as Okorocha plans to sabotage APC and force the party to lose in the state. 3. Senator Samuel Anyanwu SamDaddy PDP: Another person Okorocha is very fearful of aside from Ararume and Ohakim is Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and to checkmate him, he cashed into the problem between his friend SamDaddy and Ihedioha and urged SamDaddy to contest for the PDP ticket. SamDaddy is a known ally of Gov Rochas Okorocha who actually helped him pass all his draconian bills while he was in the state Assembly. Okorocha also was insturmantal to SamDaddy going to the Senate. The sale of Adapalm, Concorde, the signing of the abortion bill were all made perfect with the help of SamDaddy who had the job of sharing money he receives from Okorocha and for that he and his godfather who is also a supporter of Okorocha, Iwuanyanwu were well rewarded. Have you wondered by Iwuanyanwu is one of Okorocha's highest cheerleaders hardly criticising him in public which was why Ambrose Ejiogu attacked him in his house once accusing him of romancing with Okorocha. If Ihedioha gets the PDP ticket, the chances of whoever Okorocha presents losing is very high which is why Okorocha is now sponsoring SamDaddy seriously to get the ticket. The retired 419er turned politician is also wrangling his way in Abuja throwing money around and making friends with Saraki and co to make him more favoured in Abuja that Ihedioha who they now refer to as old news. It is worthy of note that SamDaddy and Iwuanyanwu worked against Ihedioha in favor of Okorocha in 2015. 4. Linus Okorie Labour Party: With APGA secure for Rochas Okorocha since he as mounted enough men there, he ordered Linus Okorocha to leave APGA for Labour where with his backing he would get the ticket from the weak and unknown Ikechukwu Ukaegbu and if Okorocha's gamlbles in APGA and PDP fails, he intends using the Oguta born sweet mouth talkatist to get into Douglas House and consolidate his loot. Linus Okorie is a bosom friend of Uche Nwosu and was recommended to Okorocha by Uche Nwosu. 5. Chima Anozie Homebase APC: Feeling threatened by the likes of Ifeanyi Ararume, Eze Madumere, Jude Ejiogu in APC, Okorocha is trying to destroy the Owerri delegate votes by producing as many aspirants in the party to help him destroy the votes. With Anozie, the Owerri delegate votes would be split. He knows the entire Okigwe vote cannot topple his Orlu votes but Owerri could be a spoiler if they decide to merge with Okigwe which is why he is determined to dent it as best as possible. Anozie's campaign has been just within Owerri because he has no intentions of going to Government House but has been paid the first payment of N20million to start making noise while more money is provided. Where else could Home-base who has been broke after spending so much in an American hospital recuperating from his drug addiction problem have gotten the money he is throwing around? 6. Chuks Ololo APC: He is Rochas Okorocha's in-law and has the same assignment as Home-base, to distablize Owerri delegate votes. 7. Hope Uzodinma APC: Okorocha and Uzodinma had reached an agreement that Uzodinma would contest for governorship while Okorocha goes for Senate. Okorocha knows with a man like Uzodinma in Douglas House, his loot would be safe. Uzodinma was about declaring for governorship last month but following the defections of Senators and Buhari's need for Senators which prompted giving Uzodinma automatic ticket, Uzodinma has reconsidered his deal with Okorocha. For him, a bird at hand is better than two in the bush. It is worthy of note that he connived with Okorocha in 2015 to ensure Ihedioha was defeated because Ihedioha wasn't willing to pay him for votes. They are funded using billions in bailouts and allocations and pension money and other accruals to the state which Rochas Okorocha does not want to be probed for looting. The Uche Nwosu gamble is still hopeful if Okorocha's men can get the tickets of all the other parties and distablize Owerri zone during the APC primaries. Who is Rochas Anayo Okorocha afraid of? Why is he afraid of them? 1. Senator Ifeanyi Ararume: He knows Senator Ifeanyi Ararume will force him to lose everything he has stolen from Imo people and he is desperate to ensure that Ararume doesn't get into power. 2. Dr Ikedi Ohakim: He knows Ohakim knows where everything is and is one man who would know how to prove him and force him to return all he has stolen and maybe even send him to jail. He would also be forced to give account of the N23.6billion Ohakim left for him which he and Chike Okafor shared among themselves making the self styled church deacon a very rich man probably richer than Rochas. 3. Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha: Okorocha knows he would face the same fate he would face in Ararume's hand if Ihedioha becomes governor. 4. Prince Eze Madumere: Okorocha's wife is particularly afraid of Prince Eze Madumere who would pay the Okorocha family back for their betrayal by stripping everything they have stolen from them.