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Our attention has been drawn to a certain press release supposedly authored by the National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). It is rather surprising that the National Chairman of the party, Ozomkpu Victor Ike Oye, will authorize such junk and bucket of lies against His Excellency Dr. Ikedi Ohakim to be released to the Nigerian public. While we do not want to continually engage in a matter of yesteryears that is totally false, Mr Victor Oye and his cohorts should know that talking about Ohakim beating a Rev Father has become an over-used cliché, and nobody takes such people serious. Though the issue of the primary election that never took place in APGA in Imo State is currently in court, Nigerians shoulder disregard the false claim that the primary election held in the state. If the governorship primary election held, between who and who did it hold, because 14 governorship aspirants out of 15 are in court against the party over this matter. Or, can anyone contest election against himself? As for the issue of he who alleges must prove, Nigerians should sustain no fears because we are well armed with evidences. However, the travesty in APGA has shown to all that all along what APGA leadership was doing was a Ponzi scheme, a scam of the highest order to defraud fellow Igbo men and women of their hard earned money. How could, for example, a party set up a committee of prominent Igbo sons including a serving Commissioner in Obiano administration to woo Dr. Ikedi Ohakim to the party, met for a period of eight months and gave him all assurances of free and fair primaries, yet you turned round and denied him the opportunity to contest ordinary primary election and you now turn around to claim that Ohakim does not have the capacity. We presume that Oye is a good Catholic. We all know by whom and how he was recommended for the job of the National Chairman on account of his presumed faith. It baffles me, therefore, that the National Chairman of APGA could be talking about Ohakim not having capacity and beating a Rev Father, when he knows that it is not true. I was among those who accompanied Dr. Ikedi Ohakim to a church service at the home church of the National Chairman of APGA, St. Matthew’s Catholic Church, Amawbia, where he swore before the Blessed Sacrament, his Rev Father and members of his church that Ohakim was the best person that would win the governorship election. Everyone in the church service heard him say that the allegation that Ohakim beat a Rev Father was the handiwork of evil people and “prophesied” that Ohakim will be governor again in 2019. After the church service he hosted Ohakim and his entourage at his home and gave him a gift of a big Igbo ram, saying that he rarely does so, and that anyone who receives such gift from him must be great man of tremendous capacity. Many men of God who read that childish press release are today shocked. It is rather disturbing that even in Anambra State no prominent contestant got the party's ticket. Ndigbo and Nigerians in general want to know what offence Chief Ifeanyi Ubah committed, for example, that made the party deny him the waiver to run for election but granted waiver to Ifeanyi Araraume who just joined the party only one weeks to the primary election if the party was not a Ponzi scheme. What of the wife of the revered Igbo leader, late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Ambassador Lady Bianca Ojukwu? What offence did she commit that made them deny her the ticket of the party after they had lured her to run for the election when she did not want to, if the party was not a fraud cartel? Was it not to use her to raise the stake? Now APGA which had less than N5m in its account before the primaries now hires private jet for the use of the National Chairman. Now the party that was begging yesterday can now afford to abuse everybody. People know that Governor Obiano may be the last governor of the party, and in 2019 not only will the party lose massively in Anambra State, it will lose massively in Imo State also and everywhere else in Igbo land because the party has killed its Igbo nationalism and idealism. Signed: Collins Ughalaa, Chief Press Secretary to His Excellency Dr. Ikedi Ohakim. 10/29/2018.