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No Election For Victor Umeh (Ohamadike) Until He Refunds. Aspirants

No election for Victor Umeh (Ohamadike) until he refunds. Aspirants

It was drama and mixed emotions a fews days ago at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos when Igwe APGA High Chief Ben Obi (Mbuze Agulu) was on his way to Texas enroute Paris for the 2022 Igbo World Congress. 

Unknown to him that few Aggrieved APGA Aspirants and some former councilors were waiting for him at the airport to voice their displeasure on Victor Umeh who was the National Chairman when they were swindled and some of their colleagues sent to early graves because of the money swindled off them *by Victor Umeh.* 

They vowed to stop him at the polls if he did not refund the money. They said that *Ohamadike is the one that taught Victor Oye* on how to defraud to Aspirants.

Ohamadike has gone so petty politically that he will *sponsor his half baked media boys* to insult political opponents. The recent one was that High Chief Ben Obi Igwe APGA was against Peter Obis Presidential Aspiration which real people tagged Umehs behaviour as witch hunting based on Mbuze recent cautions to Ohamadike over his dealings with the masses.

Some of the Aggrieved APGA members at the airport confessed of being recruited by Ohamadike to blackmail Igwe APGA but they apologised. Already they sent delegates to Agulu with goats and fowls for apology. 

A lot of APGA Aspirants that lost their lives are mostly based on the money that was swindled off them by the APGA Leadership under Ohamadike. This is a wake up call for Victor Umeh or face the impending doom at the polls.

The attached video is Mbuze APGA and Ohamadike Labour. You can see that Ohamadike will Labour in vain while Mbuze APGA will remain APGA strong man. 

A stitch in time saves nine.

 *Joshua Okeke* 
 *APGA Stakeholder Anaocha LGA*