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2023: Group Berates Victor Umeh Over Comments Against Peter Obi, and Mbuze Agulu; Mocks Him On Visiting Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, and Zamfara for Campaigns With Peter Obi.

Mr. Victor Umeh is having a difficult time as the youths of Agulu respond to his condemnation of Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, through a pseudonym and crediting the same to High Chief Ben Obi in his careless attempts to malign and set him at odds with Obi and the Agulu people.
The group warned Umeh to stop meddling in Agulu affairs and face his fading political career, which will be finally buried in the 2023 elections.

Umeh had been at odds with High Chief Ben Obi (Igwe APGA) since his defection to the Labour Party after losing the APGA Senatorial ticket for Anambra Central, and had since claimed to have reconciled with Peter Obi following his betrayal of the latter shortly after leaving his seat as Governor. Many Agulu sons have since expressed their displeasure with Victor Umeh's presence around Peter Obi.
Chief Ben Obi took to the media to recount how Umeh swindled Peter Obi, plotted his ouster from the party because he had the ear of then-Governor Willie Obiano, and ensured that Peter Obi never remained in the APGA due to Umeh's greed and quest for total control of the party.
The position of Chief Ben has not really gone down well with Victor Umeh, who claims to being de-marketed when he is running for an election next year. and has instead used his pseudonym to attack Chief Ben Obi and accuse him of plotting against Peter Obi's Presidency.
It was his attempts to malign Mbuze Agulu that met the anger of Agulu youths who called Umeh’s bluff and warned him to stay clear of Agulu affairs and rather face the consequences of his actions.
The group said it’s not enough for Mr. Victor Umeh to hide under pseudonyms to hurl vituperations against Peter Obi and wish the public and Agulu people to believe it’s coming from Mbuze. They maintained that Ben Obi has more good relationships with Peter Obi than Umeh will ever come close. They claimed that Mbuze had never betrayed Peter Obi, but that Umeh had betrayed him countless times.
We know when Umeh writes and how he practices his own politics. He is solely responsible for the attacks on Peter Obi credited to Mbuze Agulu. Let no one deceive you about the infantile character of the former APGA Auctioneer who nearly auctioned Anambra State and was nicknamed Ohamaonyeoshi in Imo State, due to his love for money.
“We expected Victor Umeh to be traveling to Imo, Abia, and other Southeast states to market the Labour Party as he claims that it’s the turn of the southeast to become President. It’s clear enough that Umeh cannot travel beyond Anambra State, given that his past is filled with ugly antecedents.”
He is not allowed to walk freely in Imo or any other Southeast state; those he defrauded of their money as APGA National Chairman would slice him in half.He cannot travel to the Northwest and other parts of the North. They are obviously waiting to collect the millions he milked from them with APGA when he was the National Chairman.
Victor Umeh, we know, is a criminal and a mere opportunist. He has again tagged along with Peter Obi to find his way to the Senate chambers. Obviously, that won’t be possible again. He should come out plain and engage Ben Obi and not go through a pseudonym and attack Peter Obi, which has become his stock in trade.
“We know that every Agulu son is supporting Peter Obi, regardless of their political affiliation. It’s useless for Umeh to tell us that Mbuze is working for the downfall of Peter Obi when it’s crystal clear that it’s rather him, Victor Umeh, who is plotting the defeat of our son and brother with his unwanted presence around the most popular presidential candidate in the country today.”
The group also reminded Victor Umeh that Agulu people will not give him the votes he seeks to return to the Senate and that their only project is Peter Obi. 

Peter Obi we know, Victor Umeh we don’t know. This has obviously remained the slogan of most Agulu youths, both at home and in the Diaspora.